Dukascoin Crypto & Bank


Dukascopy Bank is pleased to announce the extension of the promotional campaign for the 911 Crypto P2P service, now running for an additional month (15.11.2023 – 14.12.2023). This exclusive opportunity allows liquidity providers to earn 0.5% of the transaction amount from their successfully completed P2P deals facilitated through the 911 Crypto P2P service.

To qualify for the reward, liquidity providers must meet the following criteria during the promotional period:

Liquidity providers who meet these requirements will be eligible for additional rewards for their ads in the specified cryptocurrencies. Ads that remain active for more than 50% of the promotional period will receive the following bonus rewards per cryptocurrency:

Please note that Dukascopy Bank reserves the right to disqualify liquidity providers from receiving the extra reward if the quality of service provided is deemed unsatisfactory (e.g., failure to respond to inquiries promptly, delayed responses, etc.).